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Mark Nunes Clothier and Tailors opened in the year 2000, starting with a small house at 181 Park Street in the rapidly growing city of Waterloo. As with any passionate pursuit, it was inspired by a dream and a vision. In this instance, the inspiration was a new concept in the world of fashion - a mélange of designer garments for men, custom made-to-measure suiting, as well as on site professional tailoring.

The inspiration spawned from existing retailers in the local mall (where Mark had once worked). He thought that it would be ideal to not only sell a quality garment, but have it all backed by a professional on site tailor.

Our goal at Mark Nunes? Selling quality garments and offering stellar service with years of tailoring and fashion experience. With the addition of casual garments, outerwear, footwear, and a ladies selection, business was thriving by 2008 and Mark Nunes was making a name for himself. In the summer of 2010 Mark Nunes Clothier & Tailors closed down their original shop in search of a location to represent their luxe labels and growing clientele. Re-opening in the Bauer Marketplace under the name Mark Nunes a decade later, they have a gorgeous new King Street location to call home.