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Mark Nunes Custom Made-to-Measure suits are made in Canada and Italy by some of the finest tailoring houses found worldwide. Mark uses his extensive tailoring knowledge to create the perfectly fitted suit. Suits are entirely and finely crafted using traditional methods consisting of canvas or partial canvas fusing construction throughout the jacket fronts allowing for a long-lasting structure, suitable for many years of wear. The suits are constructed with extra attention paid to heavy wear spots (cuff, underarm, pocket flaps, vent, collar etc.). Along with the wear points, perspiration shields (optional) are also used throughout the underarm area in order to limit damage and prolong the life of your custom suit. We offer a wide range of over 500 fabric samples that are imported from the finest mills in Italy and England. Additionally, we offer full in-house bespoke tailoring individualized and custom made for each client by Mark Nunes himself.

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Mark Nunes custom shirts are entirely designed in-store by the wearer themselves, with assistance from Mark Nunes and staff. Start by selecting the perfect textiles for your creation - we offer an extensive selection of over 400 fabric swatches! We carry a wide range of cotton collections, boasting the unique luster and softness that only the finest Egyptian, Italian, Caribbean, and Sea Island textiles can offer. The interlining of the shirt embodies the finest quality, with notions crafted by Italy's top producer of tocas, mother of pearl and sea shell. The next step is to select your fit preferences (relaxed, classic, slim) which are determined by multiple minute measurements for a guaranteed perfect fit. Collar and cuff styles are also selected at this time. Finally, personalize your custom shirt with a handful of details including monogramming of your initials on the cuff. Experience the difference that quality fabrics and precise measuring make in a Mark Nunes custom shirt.


Mark Nunes creates custom designed dress pants which are made in house from drafting to pressing. There is an extensive selection of fabric swatches from the top mills in Europe. Choose from the highest quality textiles from Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Loro Piana and more are available in a wide range of weights, colours and textures. 100% custom garments have the immaculate fit that simply cannot be replicated with basic alteration services. With a Mark Nunes custom pant you can expect more - fabulous fit, sensational style, absolute perfection. Mark Nunes also offers a custom device (smart phone) pocket feature at no additional charge.


Not only do we specialize in menswear, Mark Nunes offers full custom services for women! We can create or replicate any garment style you desire. We often replicate customers' favourite garments rather than having to compromise when buying a replacement item. Come see Mark today for a quote to create or re-create your favourite piece from your wardrobe!

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